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Hi, I’m Lola Lobato.

I’m the fashion-designer and Emmy-award winning art director behind La Maison du Monde, where I share my photos and write about how to transport yourself around the world without ever leaving home.

Most of all, I’m a real person — I’m a foodie with a lot of curiosity and passion for exploring the world. My art director’s eye for detail and my love for a good foodie adventure keep me on the lookout for my next obsession.


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I was born in Spain. I was raised in Venezuela. I studied in England. And now I’m living in Miami. I’ve moved so many times, all around the world: from Caracas to Brighton to study Fashion Design in London. I launched my own fashion line and boutique in Caracas. Then, I was off to an apartment on 89th Street and Columbus Avenue in New York. That’s when I started working in television and film. From there I moved to Los Angeles, and now I’m here in Miami, as much for work as for the beachy weather and amazing food.

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My three kids are all out of college and are scattered in Miami Beach, New York City, and Venice, California. No matter where I am, I always want to have the whole world within my reach, so I keep a little piece of every place with me wherever I go. In Florida, when I want to transport myself back to England, I have tea time in my own kitchen and with the first bite of a cucumber finger sandwiches, I am right back in Brighton. Like this, I recreate the places I want to transport myself to. Wherever I go, I’ll bring you along for the journey.

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I’m also a person who can’t help but look at every detail of a dish or a dinner party with the eye of an art director. Details are a secret language that make observers feel something without knowing why, and that’s what makes my photos and recipes special. Of course, I wouldn’t want to share all of this—my life, my photos, my ideas, my travels, and my recipes—if there weren’t anyone to share it with. The community here at La Maison du Monde and all of your questions and comments are an incredible inspiration for me!

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So, most of all, thank you for joining me!





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  1. Maria Flores says:

    Hola, casualmente buscando una receta de pesto me tope contigo, y tengo una curiosidad tu mama , tienes una hermana mayor que se llama Manuela? Ella tambien es de Venezuela y estudiaba en la Universidad de Oriente en Cumana y tocaba el piano bellisimo. Bueno, si es asi dale un gran saludo y dile que es de parte de la hija de la Sra Isabel la residencia donde ella se quedaba. Saludos

  2. Robert Moscarello says:

    Hi,….I too have the travel bug where ever I am. But I have not traveled as extensively as you have and I envy you,….Please send updates and what ever and where ever you are. Best of everything,….Robert

  3. Ivonne Rodriguez Pericchi says:

    Would love to have up dates and email notifications.

  4. ¡Qué gracia!, estaba leyendo tu perfil, perdona mi curiosidad. ¡No sabía que eras española!, y yo escribiendo en inglés.
    Mi hija, también estudió moda en Londres (licenciada con honors), en el London College of Fashion, y después hizo un postgrado en el Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de Paris. Actualmente es la diseñadora de Angel Schlesser en Madrid, con 24 años es su primer trabajo. Está aprendiendo muchísimo.
    Te dejo su web para que le eches un vistazo si quieres.

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